Here’s a little more about what we do

Established in recognition of emerging markets in Asia and in response to the opportunities arising as a result of the establishment of the AEC, Crosswater Company Limited is a Bangkok based trading company specialising in international trade solutions and services.

Crosswater comprises key strategic partners that boast a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas with developed concrete relationships and proven track records of success in their respective industries. This ensures that both existential and perceived barriers to opportunity are broken through and challenges, once thought to be insurmountable, are overcome. By utilising our experience, expertise, local lineage and connections, we are able to help our clients navigate the turbulent nature of a progressively interconnected Asia and a globalised marketplace.

By exploiting our established connections and affiliations on the ground, we are able to isolate the right local partners for our clients to expand their market potential and tap into previously uncharted territory. Whilst the core of our operation involves connecting manufacturers and producers to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, buying agents and supply chain firms, our primary focus is to ensure the smooth transition of products and services across oceans and borders. We not only establish and nurture the connections but we quality manage the entire process.

Crosswater Sails

Our 3 Streams of Operation

Stream 1: Distribution

Our main stream and where we place primary emphasis. Our widely distributed products include consumer goods items in the areas of baby products and health/beauty products.

Stream 2: Sourcing

A stream which brings us much pleasure. We love to see the look of sheer satisfaction on our client’s faces when we source that specific product they require. Our holistic approach to sourcing is unmatched.

Stream 3: Trading & Trade Services

Getting the right people in touch with each other is what we do best. Our local lineage and established professional and political connections will get your company out of the gates and ahead of the pack.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

If you want products from anywhere in Australia, you need to speak with Crosswater. They can help with anything you can think of.

Jarin Charoenkul

We are a large denim distributor based in Sydney, Australia. In order to reduce our COGs, we decided to look outwards to other markets to source our products. One email to Crosswater and their team was able to give us the most economical purchase prices with the the most suitable shipping options to Sydney.

Tim Brighton

Crosswater has been supplying our company on a regular basis without any complications. The have the right cultural and professional knowledge about both Myanmar and Thailand to make business run smooth. Don’t bother looking anywhere else, they are the right people.

Naung Kyaw

If you need products from Thailand and want to cut the headache of traveling there to find them, contact Crosswater to make things simple. Whatever we need, they find it for us and pack it professionally and organize for it to be sent directly to our door. They are great for any small or large business.

Khin Le Le MLG Company Myanmar

We have been manufacturing and distributing products in Thailand for decades. We were excited after hearing of the opening up of the Myanmar economy. The problem was we didn’t have any contacts in the country or even know where to start. Crosswater made it happen for us. We highly recommend them.

Apinya Thanasukolwit

We wanted to import a number of different Thai products into Australia but had reservations about dealing with Thai companies due to language and distance barriers. Crosswater sourced the exact products we specified and took care of the entire logistics side of things. They were extremely courteous and a breeze to deal with.

Matthew Churchward Solomons Australia Pty/Ltd